Cosmetics & Care


vinyl inside protect

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Agent for refreshing plastic
Agent of wide use. Perfectly cleans the inside of the car, e.g. dashboard, plastics, upholstery. Effectively preserves the cleaned surfaces, leaving a delicate sheen. Protects plastic, leaving no greasy deposits. The interior gets the delicate smell of a new car. Does not contain silicone or solvents. Remains long on the cleaned surface, prevents build-up of dust and dirt.


leather balm

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Leather care agent
Balm with a modern formula that effectively cleans all types of leather, leaving it soft and fragrant. Restores the smell of newly purchased car. Care ingredients help maintain the natural appearance for a long time. Very efficient.


vinyl outside protect

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Agent for polishing rubber and plastic
An agent with excellent preservative and nourishing properties for plastics and rubber. Improves the appearance of matte surfaces giving them a gloss and protecting them from the weather. It is highly efficient, remains long on preserved surfaces. It is not oily, which eliminates the adherence of dust and dirt. It is safe to use because it does not contain flammable substances.



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Air freshener

Freshener with the scent of exotic fruits or cherries.

Effectively combats unpleasant smells, including tobacco.

Designed for use in cars, office spaces and restrooms.